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Antharion - Update #8, Day/Night Cycle

by Dhruin, 2012-12-17 11:50:33

Catching up on Antharion ($12.7k/$10k, 19 days), an update was posted the other day with a video of the day/night cycle:

To make a virtual world feel compelling and alive, it needs regularity. Antharion's day/night cycle gives it this regularity and helps to give you a sense that you're fully immersed in a living-breathing world. Day and night also have tangible effects on game play. Adventuring outdoors at night becomes a dangerous affair since even with a torch you still can only see a few feet ahead. Searching for inns to sleep at during nights becomes quite important. Also, NPCs have schedules and will often go home at night after work. One new feature we just added that you'll see in the video is light shafts coming in from windows. Light shafts start to shine when the sun comes out and eventually disappear when the sun goes down. The atmospheric music in the video was created by our composer Eric.

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