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Skyrim - Dragonborn DLC roundup #3

by Myrthos, 2012-12-17 12:55:36

Here are a few more reviews of Skyrim's Dragonborn DLC.


The requisite new armor pieces and weapons look very cool – and can even benefit higher-level players – but by and large Skyrim isn’t going to wow you, visually speaking. This is still Skyrim, albeit one year later, and Dragonborn is an expansion pack in every sense of the term. But there’s enough new stuff here, highlighted by the spectacular island of Solstheim itself, to make Dragonborn the best piece of add-on content for Skyrim yet.

The Guardian

Earlier downloadable content gave you a side story about vampires and the ability to build a pre-fabricated McMansion for your character, but somehow failed to capture the essence of the game. All that changes with Dragonborn, which lets you leave Skyrim for the island of Solstheim, an entirely separate land mass. It comes with new monsters and towns - best of all, though, is the impression of virgin territory: seeing a suspicious light in the distance or ruins on a hilltop and galloping off to see what's going on. It provides a hearty slab of exploration along with an interesting mystery to unravel.

GamingBolt, 8.5

In spite of its fairly obvious limitations, Dragonborn is brilliant. To any Elder Scrolls fan with Skyrim, it is recommended. To any Morrowind fan, it is recommended. To any Skyrim fan, it is recommended. To anyone who possibly feels that Skyrim somehow needs to provide them with more value for money than it already did, Dragonborn is recommended. It is a rare example of DLC done right, and is flat out the best Skyrim DLC available at the moment.


Long story short: if you enjoyed Skyrim, you will absolutely enjoy Dragonborn as well. It’s like taking your vanilla Skyrim cake, making a smaller cupcake out of the ingredients, and adding a pinch of ash and mushrooms (Mm-mmmm!). The main quest is interesting and engaging, as are the surrounds you explore. My only suggestion would be to perhaps wait for a patch to fix some of the bugs and crashes — or of course, wait until it comes to the PC.

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