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The Banner Saga - Interview @ Gamestar.ru

by Myrthos, 2012-12-17 12:59:52

Stoic's Alex Thomas has been interviewed by the Russian site Gamestar.ru on The Banner Saga, with questions about the Kickstarter campaign, the game and vikings.

You know, I've tried counting all of the authentic (more or less) works about vikings and fingers on my two hands were just enough to do it. Do you think the reason that this theme is unpopular is that gamers just don't seem to be interested in it? Do you intend to popularize the Nordic culture with the help of The Banner Saga? By the way, did other works of the same theme such as «When the Ravens Fly» or «In the Shadow of the Raven» inspire you in any way?

Honestly, we're not sure why there aren't more viking-themed games. Maybe publishers won't fund a viking game because the ones in the past weren't a huge success, so they're unwilling to take a chance on it. I feel like every person we've talked to and who backed our Kickstarter is a huge fan of the game being viking-themed, so it seems to me that there definitely an excitement for it. In media, I haven't seen «Ravens Fly» or «Shadow» myself, but some of the few popular things we have include a comic series called Northlanders and a movie called «Valhalla Rising», which is definitely something you should go into watching as an art film but one I highly recommend.

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