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Dishonored - Dunwall City Trials Review Roundup #2

by Myrthos, 2012-12-17 15:51:37

Found some more reviews of Dishonored's Dunwall City Trials DLC.

Cheat Code Central, 3.4/5

The Dunwall City Trials are a bit like the Disneyland version of Dishonored. They've cut out some of the most compelling parts of the game, such as exploring the expansive levels and learning the secrets of Dunwall's citizens. There are no interesting moral choices to make and no lore-filled books to read, but there are some fun challenges that remain true to the spirit of the game. While not all the Dunwall Trials are of equal quality, at the price at which they're offered the better Trials provide an entertaining afternoon or two of guilt-free assassination fun.
In the end, it’s tough to complain about Dishonored‘s Dunwall City Trials DLC. The download is full of content and replay value, boasts quality presentation facets and plays very well. For those reasons, it’s extremely easy to recommend it to the game’s fans. With a price tag of only $4.99 (400 Microsoft Points), the add-on an absolute steal.
For the few hours you'll get out of it, it's worth it easily for everyone. If you're the competitive guy looking to up your skills, take to the leaderboards and rise to the top. If you're looking to just have some fun and get more content out of Dishonored, this is your chance. If you want to see a bunch of concept art as a reward for beating levels, guess what, you're in luck. For $4.99, I'd say go buy it.


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