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Skyrim - Dragonborn DLC Review Roundup #4

by Myrthos, 2012-12-20 13:22:30

More Dragonborn DLC reviews, just in case you were wondering if there were some more.

Short & Sweet Reviews, 7.75

The latest expansion features a grand new environment to explore, with loads of new content to experience.  Despite some forgettable dragon riding and a mundane main storyline, Dragonborn is still worth the hefty price tag.

Canadion Online Gamers, 90

Complaints aside, the Dragonborn DLC is really great.  There is lots of new areas to explore and items to craft and find. The main quest can take about six to eight hours to complete, but there are tons of great side quests and ruins to explore that add about twenty plus hours to your playtime. This truly is a Skyrim expansion pack, and is a great purchase for any fan of the series who’s hungry for a new adventure.

HollywoodChicago, 3.5/5

So, “Dragonborn” is more of the same. It’s not a game changer. But it’s made well and provides great value for fans of the franchise. So while it not be my cup of tea, it’s entirely possible that it’s yours.

CBS news

Dragon riding gripes aside, "Dragonborn" is another expansion worthy of your coin and your time. The story and setting are interesting and beautiful and more "Elder Scrolls" adventuring is never a bad thing.

Gamers Temple, 69%

Personally, I liked Hearthfire, and before that, Dawnguard, better than Dragonborn. The "epic" quest felt like it was cut for time and the dragon riding was nowhere near what I wanted it to be. The questing here will surely be enjoyed by tons of players, but the missed opportunities made this my least favorite Skyrim expansion yet.

My Xbox Live

The best way though is to take your time with the content. If you rush through, you will be loosing out on so many new additions, the armour, the weapons, new shouts and spells, new enemies and the rest! So if you are on the fence about buying this, I really do urge you to give it a go! If you are abit unsure because you weren’t too keen on the previous content (Dawnguard and Hearthfire) then don’t worry. This DLC blows those out of the water! Much bigger than both and much more intriguing. Please treat yourself and give your eyes and your brain the explosion of gaming goodness they need.

GamePlanet, 8.5

Skyrim players gladly pay the price of such glitches for the chance to adventure across the game’s epic landscapes, though, and Dragonborn delivers another helping of these adventures in a package that may not be entirely new material, but still has more than enough novelty to make the whole game feel fresh again.

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