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Jagged Alliance: Crossfire - Review @ GameBanshee

by Myrthos, 2012-12-21 00:22:49

GameBanshee have a review up for the Crossfire Addon to Jagged Alliance: back in Action.

As I mentioned before, Crossfire didn't change anything in the game engine, but it does include all of additions from Back in Action's 1.13 patch.  That means if you're like me, and you played Back in Action before the patch came out, then Crossfire will have some new improvements.  These improvements include sector inventories (which mean you don't have to run around from container to container to pick things up after capturing a map); difficulty levels, including "hard" (where enemies have more health and you have less money) and "tactical mode" (where enemies only show up when you can see or hear them); free stamina on captured maps (so it's easier to run around and talk to people); and shopkeepers who update their stock and increase their money over time (making it easier to go shopping).

Coreplay also made sort of a bizarre change.  For some reason tanks can now only be destroyed by rockets and not with grenades like before.  When I reached the lone tank in the campaign on Day 6, I tried using grenades on it to no avail, and then I ferried over a grenade launcher (since I had one in storage), and it didn't make a dent, either.  Finally I ordered a LAW (light anti-tank weapon) from the game's online store (which requires two days for shipping), and by the time I finally took out the tank it was Day 12 and I was irritated.

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