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Antharion - Update #10

by Dhruin, 2012-12-21 08:25:48

Antharion ($13.4k / 15 days) has posted a new update adding new reward tiers:

Hey guys! We're now just $1,584 away from hitting our first stretch goal!! With over 500 backers, if each of you upgraded by just $5 we'd instantly unlock our first stretch goal and be well on our way towards hitting the 2nd! Tonight we're introducing several new reward tiers to give you guys more upgrading options...

$50 All Digital Pack (Includes all previous rewards)

  •     iPad version of Antharion
  •     50 page digital PDF comprised of Antharion's original hand-written design notes and sketches
  •     Your name will appear in an in-game book as one of the "Founders of Antharion"

$80 All Digital Design a NPC Pack (Includes all $50 level rewards) - plus you'll work with us to design and name your own NPC. Want to make an NPC in your own likeness? Just give us a photo and we'll have our artist recreate you in pixel form. (Note: this reward is NOT included in any higher level tiers.) This tier is limited and will only be available to the first 20 backers.

$500 Immortalization Pack (Includes all $100 level rewards) - plus you'll be immortalized in Antharion's world. You'll name one of Antharion's major towns plus we'll create a statue of you and place it prominently in the center of town for all to see! You'll also become a part of Antharion's lore and we'll even create an entire in-game book about you! This tier is limited and will only be available to the first 3 backers.

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