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Shadowrun Returns - Update #38, Awakening Day

by Dhruin, 2012-12-21 22:52:03

Bit of a trend here with Kickstarter projects posting Christmas messages...Harebrained has a Shadowrun Returns update with a video fireside chat with Jordan Weisman (featuring music from the game) and revealing Shadowlands, a blog series from 2050:

Hey there, everyone! Happy Awakening Day!

Even though the 6th World’s Awakening was technically (according to 80s logic) in 2011, we at Harebrained Schemes, along with our friends at Catalyst Game Labs and Cliffhanger Productions are excited that today marks the start of The Year of Shadowrun. It’s going to be a fun (and REALLY busy) year of new games set in the Shadowrun Universe. To celebrate, we’re launching Shadowlands. It’s a series of blog posts and Tweets from the 2050s, so if you want, follow it on Twitter and Facebook. Oh, and if you’re a 2070s fan, check out Jackpoint!

Anywho, if you haven’t been subject to the apocalypse and/or surprise bodily transformation, we assume you’re sufficiently capable of watching Jordan’s Fireside Chat Video. Did you notice the music at the beginning and end? It’s new Shadowrun music! The samples in the video aren’t so much tracks from the game as they are homages to the music from the classic Shadowrun games, meant to give you a little taste of what’s coming up in SR:R. 

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