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Telepath Tactics - Passes $11k

by Dhruin, 2012-12-21 23:10:26

Sinister Design points out their Kickstarter for Telepath Tactics has passed the $11k milestone, so there's certainly reasonable interest, but they have a big mountain to climb to reach $25k in 7 days. Here's the lastest update, which also has a new reward offer:

Hey, folks! We're entering the last week of the campaign now. We've raised nearly $11,000 for Telepath Tactics, and are closing in on 600 backers. I'm happy for the support that every last one of you has shown the game so far: it means a lot to me personally, and has helped motivate me to focus on making this game as awesome as humanly possible!

We're currently less than $15,000 away from the funding goal, with 7 days to go. It will take some doing to meet the goal, but it's hardly impossible--remember, Sportsfriends raised its final $20,000 in the last day of its campaign! We just need to pull in some larger backers to make it happen for us here.

To help out, my friend Lars Doucet--creator of the excellent RPG Defender's Quest--has generously donated 200 copies of both Defender's Quest and the (also excellent) Defender's Quest soundtrack for me to give away. So here's the deal: the first 200 backers to pledge at or above $100 will get a free copy of both Defender's Quest and the Defender's Quest soundtrack on top of all other rewards!

There are already 12 backers in the $100-and-up category, which means that there are 188 spots left for folks to participate in the giveaway. Come and get it before they're all snatched up!

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