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Meriwether - Kickstarter Update #10, Meri Christmas

by Myrthos, 2012-12-22 23:56:36

In the 10th update of Meriwether (18K/35K with 15 days to go) they wish us a Meri Christmas (correct, no typo there) and have a story set in the days of Lewis to go with it, of which this is a part:

The Corps of Discovery shared three Christmas’s together, over the course of which they grew as a “band of brothers.” Winters were especially difficult because, aside from the cold, they were cooped up and there was so much downtime. Their first Christmas in 1803 was especially trying, as the fledgling corps encamped outside of St. Louis at Camp Dubois. Several of the men got drunk, and two even got into a fight. More fighting continued throughout this first winter.

However, by Christmas 1804, they had truly solidified as a team. There was no more fighting, and the Captains issued a type of rum called tafia to the men, along with niceties like flour, dried apples, and pepper, “to celebrate Christmas in a proper and social manner.” They danced to Cruzatte's fiddle music and a festive holiday was had by all.

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