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Mage Knight Apocalypse: Reviews @ GamersInfo & GamePro

by Dhruin, 2006-09-29 09:38:00
The first two reviews are out for Mage Knight: Apocalypse and the contrast in opinions is striking. <a href="http://www.gamersinfo.net/index.php?art/id:1301" target="_blank">GamersInfo</a> has not score as usual but sports very positive text:<blockquote><em>Personally I have found Mage Knight Apocalypse to be one of the best rpg's that has hit the market in a long time. The pace is quick enough that after 7 hours of play I still haven't gotten at all bored with it. There is no a Sracea ? to advance my character, or leveling a Streadmilla ? that I have to climb just to experience the content of the game because the content adjusts to where I am, not the other way around. I can simply log in and play the game, experience the story, and enjoy the world. Interesting concept, isn't it? A roleplaying game where you can play the role of hero in the story and let the story unfold before you at your own pace without having to worry about your character's stats, numbers, and equipment. In Mage Knight Apocalypse it is the story that is the centralized focus of the game, and I really wish more rpg game developers would get that concept and make it a part of their games.</em></blockquote>...but <a href="http://www.gamepro.com/computer/pc/games/reviews/82728.shtml" target="_blank">GamePro</a> pans the game with a score of 2/5:<blockquote><em>And as far as the plot goes, Mage Knight is linear like water is wet. The game's single player campaign follows a series of loosely connected skirmishes with the common themes of attack, rescue and invasion. In an RPG like Oblivion, one has the option of exploring a huge world complete with side quests and bonus missions. Mage Knight, however, offers only rigid quests that end with dry, uninspired cut scenes. The ability to lose yourself in the world is almost non-existent.</em></blockquote>

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