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Telepath Tactics - Update #12, Final Hours

by Dhruin, 2012-12-29 11:35:50

There's literally a couple of hours left in Telepath Tactics' Kickstarter - currently $18k of $25k - quite a big ask but there's been a lot of last minute activity, so there's hope. If you are interested, this is absolutely your last chance:

As Swedish hair band Europe once said: "It's the final countdown!" (I can't type cheesy synths directly into an update, but if I could, I would do so right here.)

We're now in the middle of the final day for the Telepath Tactics Kickstarter. Over the course of this campaign, such luminaries as Brian Fargo and Kieron Gillen have pledged their support to the project. Today, I actually got a tweet from Julian Gollop--the brilliant designer behind the original X-COM--saying (and I quote): "Yes indeed I have heard of Telepath Tactics. I am seriously looking forward to it!" Holy hell, people. [...]

On a more mundane note: I've continued pressing forward with development, restructuring the way that dialog is formatted in Telepath Tactics to accommodate future support for multiple responses in dialog. In short: branching dialog and branching campaign support is just on the horizon! I've also added some really neat new features to the game, including predictive damage displays and point lighting. (You can see a screenshot of the point lighting in action below.)

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