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The Escapist - 2012: Five Favorites

by Aries100, 2012-12-31 19:01:28

The Escapist has penned an article about five favorites from 2012. Diablo 3 is one of these five favorites:

2. Diablo III

Okay, so the loot drops were completely random, and only suited your character, or any character for that matter, one in twenty times. Sure, you could use the Auction House to pick up gear that suits you, but the economy was so wonky you had to farm for days to afford even a single upgrade, assuming it was still available by the time you accrued the gold to buy it. Perhaps the character customization was a little too user-friendly, making customization largely a farce, especially in higher difficulties. I won't deny it had problems. I also won't deny that it was some of the most fun I've had all year. 

Source: The Escapist

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