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Meriwether - Kickstarter Updates #16,17

by Myrthos, 2013-01-02 22:59:59

The Kickstarter for Meriwether is showing two new updates, while they still have 4 days to go to gather an extra $6000 to reach their $35K goal.

In update number 16 an overview of the Lewis levels is given. Here are a few of them:

The President’s House
Lewis begins the game in Washington, D.C. as private secretary to Jefferson, who sends him on a journey across the continent.

Training in Philly
Lewis receives training and buy supplies for the journey; his famous temper is tested by a local. 

Ten Young Men from Kentucky
Lewis stops in Clarksville to reunite with his old army friend Clark, York, and others. Lewis must decide if Clark will share equal command or be his Lieutenant.

Fish Camp
The Corps encounters the Oto tribe. Lewis is introduced to a number of diplomatic, medical, scientific, and survival challenges he will have to deal with the entire journey. Sgt. Floyd is deathly ill--can you save him?

Standoff with the Teton Sioux
Tensions rise after several misunderstandings with the Teton Sioux. Can you prevent an escalation into an all-out battle?

Update number 17 is about the second part of the story.

Hey folks! It's Carlos again, back to talk about how Meriwether’s story arcs will present some of the major themes of the Corps of Discovery’s voyage. Through these story arcs, you’ll get to know some of the Corps’s most famous members--Clark, John Colter, and Sacagawea--and well as some important but lesser-known members such as Private Willard and Sergeant Gass. For this update, I want to focus on York’s story arc as an example of how we’re using them to relate the history of the Corps, tell a good story, and create meaningful gameplay.

After the Expedition made it back to the U.S., the members of the Corps of Discovery were regarded as national heroes and were granted land allotments as thanks for their service. But not all members: York, Clark’s slave and personal manservant, received no land or payment. He was forced to return to his former life of servitude on Clark’s estate.

York found it difficult to adjust back to life as a slave. Over the years after the Expedition, Clark asked several people, including his brother Jonathan and Meriwether Lewis, for advice on how to handle his increasingly unwilling slave. And then, in 1810 (about four years after the Expedition), Clark writes, “[York] is here but of verry little Service to me ... insolent and Sulky, I gave him a severe trouncing the other Day and he has much mended Sence.” [sic; Clark was a terrible speller.]

Those two words, “severe trouncing,” squeeze my heart.



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