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Halfling Wars - Kickstarter for iOS

by Myrthos, 2013-01-04 16:51:23

The devs of Halfling Wars which is labeled as a mobile social RPG from the Hobbit genre wrote in to inform us of their game on Kickstarter.

I am not sure if this fits the interest of our readers but here is a bit of info on the game:

One of the many appealing aspects of Halfling Wars is that it can by played using several styles of gameplay.  Build your village and farm for gold.  Build an army and claim more land. Buff out your creatures and fight your friends.  We’ve designed it so that it is more than just a 5 minute logon to check your eggs, cash in your crops, and then either log off or spend money.  You can continually play Halfling Wars at the normal game play rate without spending a penny.

Our main goal was to create something fun and unique - a perfect blend of both light and dark for each player's experience. On one side the player is a gentle, jolly, good-natured Halfling who prefers nothing more than growing anything green, smoking pipe weed, or drinking a nice ale. On the other side the user plays as a Darkling, a bitter mischievous creature who prefers the twilight hours to go about his business. Instead of giving the player the option of which creature to play, we allow them to do both at the same time… after all there is a little Halfling and Darkling in all of us.

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