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Antharion - Update #15, The Evolution

by Dhruin, 2013-01-04 23:52:55

Antharion has just 30 hours to run and they are close to the $20k stretch goal (currently $18.7k), with this new update offering a new reward tier and some screens showing the game's visual evolution over time:

We just added a new $45 reward tier so that now anyone who pledges $45 or more will get a digital PDF bestiary (plus all previous rewards)! This thing will be huge and extensive considering that we already have 55 monsters and plan on adding even more! Again, anyone whose pledge is currently at $50 or more will automatically get the bestiary.


Last update we talked a bit about how Antharion has evolved since its initial conception. Today we're going to actually show you just how far Antharion has come since its humble origins. Those of you with us during our "big-head" days probably already have a feel for how quickly our project has been progressing but there's nothing like seeing it laid out clearly in a time-line. Antharion will continue to grow and improve in every way possible up until the very day of its release!

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