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Antharion - Updates 16, 17, Final Hours

by Dhruin, 2013-01-05 23:31:56

Antharion has passed their second stretch goal at $20k and trying for the next stretch at $25k - just 6 hours to go as I type.

Wow! We've had quite an eventful last day: we passed 700 backers and unlocked our 2nd stretch goal!

New Add-On:

$40 - Name an Inn or Shop

    Why Are The 25k Stretch Goals Important??

Pets - these would represent probably the single largest game play addition to Antharion so far. Pets add a whole new dimension because their presence is felt across all aspects of game play. Each pet will have a different role. Just a few examples of what pets will do include: carrying around large amounts of extra inventory, holding aggro or attacking monsters during combat, stealing/looting items and providing a light source for your party in while in darkness.

Linux - Speaks for itself. Come on Linux people, let's make this thing happen!

Monster Island Conclave - An island off the south eastern coast of Antharion solely inhabited by monsters and complete with a monster capitol city where you can interact with inhabitants just like regular NPCs. Let me just say that this is so big that it could almost be considered a standalone expansion on its own! 

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