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Divinity Anthology - Review @ Gaming Nexus

by Dhruin, 2013-01-06 09:21:06

Gaming Nexus has a short review of The Divinity Anthology, with a score of 8.5/10. On the included Developer's Mode for D2:

My personal favorite, however, is the “Developer's Mode”.  Turn it on and you have access to tool that allows you to do things like add arbitrary skill levels and experience points, equip any item in the game, teleport to any location, and all sorts of other things.  Basically, the sort of thing that cheats allow one to do in other games.  It is so cool.  There are two types of RPG'ers – ones who don't cheat, and ones who do.  I love to cheat.  Every game should have cheats.  I don't care if they turn off achievements when used.  An RPG has two points – action and story.  If I can't get to the end of the story because of some stupid twitchy trick I can't get it is the game that's a failure, not me.  It would be like buying a book and finding out that you won't get the last 50 pages until you win an MMA bout.  Finally, a game that's with me on this one.

In summary, “Divinity II: Developer's Cut”.  If you have already played the previous installments the only reason to buy it would be for the additional, making-of style materials.  If you haven't played it and are looking for an RPG fix until the really good Christmas games come out, this will do.            

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