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Legends of Dawn - Kickstarter Updates #7 and #8

by Myrthos, 2013-01-10 12:21:30

Two new updates for Legends of Dawn appeared yesterday. One about the stretch goals and mod tooling, and on on new tiers.
They are currently at $28K with 8 days to go, so the first stretch goal should not be too difficult to achieve.

Here are the new stretch goals. We'll keep listening to new suggestions during the KS campaign and we may change and add new tiers and goals based on your feedback.

CHALLENGES - 10 dead swordfish scattered throughout the world of Narr will reveal the secret of the guardian - Xocotus
The first player who finds a dead swordfish and reports the found response sentence on dreamatrix forum will get raward. For example a free digital download of our next title.
Only one award per player.

BACKERS CHEST full of items on secret location

Only backers will get email with instructions how to open because the chest will have to be open not by click on it but rather on secret object.

BOOK ITEM for backers which will give you the opportunity to permanently increase the value of your ability scores

RUNES one magic rune, two chest unlocking rune and one bridge unlocking rune

MAGICAL WEAPON (unidentified)

You will find that magical items have to be identified in oracle shrines in various locations throughout the world, to discover the item's unique properties.

RUINS Two building with rich rewards


With some unique items with systems of leveler players needs to turn on or off in order to get through. At the end will be special item rewords and monument with names of all KS backers


5 abandoned Elven water mills with rewards, scattered around

We believe offering moding tools is a crucial factor in helping our vision for the future LoD titles. Moding tools will give passionate players opportunity to add their content, ideas, do changes which may give everybody else new things to play with. It will also give us feedback what users want so it will help us make Legends of Dawn 2 much more better. The tools will be free and only for non commercial use in first phase.
Original stretch goal for the tools is 80k. We could save a lot if we release it without documentation and tutorials. We planned to make improvements to make it more user friendly and clear. We wanted to update several module to make them more powerful. However even without such refines / improvements it is very useful and powerful toolset. Since probably can't reach original stretch goal we are offering a compromise. Release of beta tools (for free) in it's rougher less polished form without the documentation and tutorials. Hopefully community will help us create those.
After the game is released you will be able to download all the tools used to create the game.

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