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Lineage 2: Chronicle 5 - Interview @ GameZone

by Dhruin, 2006-09-29 22:27:00
GameZone has kicked up an interview with NCsoft's Adam Davidson. the NA producer for Lineage II. The questions are aimed at the latest 5th Chronicle expansion, and here's a snip:
Question: Oath of Blood added content across the board for players, but if you had to single out the items that received the most attention with this chronicle, what would they be?

Adam: Well, the two that I would look to first are the changes to the clan system and the inclusion of the Demon Sword Zariche, but for very different reasons. The new clan system has a fairly major impact on the social and game dynamics facing the high-end game. Alliances can no longer be a conglomeration of several smaller clans, but instead are restricted to three, however, the size and capabilities of the clans are significantly increased, and promote taking in lower level players to develop them. The Demon Sword Zariche, however, impacts very few players, but our community has become pretty enamored with the concept of the item and the uniqueness of it in contrast with the rest of the weapons of Lineage II. We saw a great deal more buzz and excitement for this item than we expected.

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