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Vacant Sky: Awakening - Pre-Apocalyptic RPG

by Dhruin, 2013-01-15 11:18:59

Bob sends word of Vacant Sky: Awakening, a "pre-apocalyptic", episodic RPG with jRPG stylings. Their Kickstarter is nearly at their goal with $7.2k/$8k with 21 days to go:

In Vacant Sky: Awakening, the player assumes the role of a young nobleman and follows his seven year journey for glory, fame, power, and love. As time moves on, the player will see characters grow and contend with the new issues that come with adulthood – such as taking responsibility for one's past actions.

The gameplay is a fusion of old-school tabletop RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons and modern digital ones such as Persona. Players customize their characters not by spending points but by making decisions, seamlessly weaving together narrative and gameplay to create a unique experience each time the game is played.

  • Episodic: The story spans seven years and eight episodes. As the cast grows up, they must face the different problems which come with adulthood - such as taking responsibility for their past actions.
  • RPG: Customizable characters. Party management. Character development. Exploration and sidequests.
  • ...without the fat: No random encounters. No grinding. No crystals. No heroes. No time left.
  • Cross-platform: The game will be released on PC, Ouya, PS Vita, and Android (including a tablet-optimized version). Based on demand, we might expand to other platforms.
  • Character engagement: Rather than an impersonal method of character advancement such as spending experience points or navigating a tech tree, players direct their characters’ growth by controlling their decision-making and seeing them grow as people.
  • Relationships: Success in battle requires learning the relationships between characters and using them effectively.

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