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Obsidian Entertainment - Chris Avellone Interview @ PC Authority

by Aries100, 2013-01-15 21:19:28

Cris Avellone has been interviewed by PC Authority, an Australian site. They talk about the Australian Development Scene, what is in a game that make it a - game and Kickstarter as well. He also talks how to tell stories in games - a quote on this:

"I far prefer how Journey handled the storytelling," Avellone confesses. "I think that games don't need a lot of words, or face-to-face interaction, to communicate a story at all, which is kind of strange for a dialogue writer to say," he adds with a laugh. "But like, if someone's standing on a ridge in Journey, and they're almost in a panic pounding their sound-bubble button - you know what that person wants. They want you to follow them. If there's some sort of much more visual or iconic representation of how characters can interact, that can tell an equally great story without a crapload of words." Where New Vegas differs, of course, is that its players' companions aren't real people online; you'll never see the hard-drinking, dirtymouthed Cass leaping for joy and singing sweetly to you in the harshness of the desert. This is where masses of dialogue comes in handy, says Avellone; it's funnelled into creating a highly believable backstory for the entire New Vegas world."

Source: GameBanshee

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