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Legends of Dawn - Update #14, Funded

by Dhruin, 2013-01-18 22:13:44

The Legends of Dawn Kickstarter has closed with $47.6k from a $25k goal, meaning all three stretch goals were achieved, including the mod tools. Now the real work begins:

Ahead of us is a lot of work:

- choosing a team to do voice overs and integrating them and paying for licenses (primary goal)

- adding content of 3 stretch goals

- final testing, including testing the changes integrated as per your requests

- finding online place for you to download your files when we prepare them

- finding printing services for physical tiers; Collector’s boxes, DVDs, books etc.

- sorting your addresses and finding ways to send you stuff into many corners of the world

- preparing RPG toolset (Beta)

If any of you are experienced with this and would like to suggest good 3rd party services we'd appreciate it very much.
The most important work of all is we have to continue to build up LoD community and raise our chances on Greenlight. The target we reached here is sufficient to finish the game and to do stretch goals work. However we do have to sell the game in order to secure our existence and development of Legends of Dawn sequels. 
So please keep spreading the word and direct your friends to:

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