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Obsidian Entertainment - MCA ready to play Arcanum

by Dhruin, 2013-01-20 07:35:19

It's a curious thing that Chris Avellone has never played Arcanum - but he's getting ready. If you're interested in following his adventures, you can vote on the format on the Obsidian forums:

Chris Avellone is playing Arcanum to raise funds for the $4.0 million dollar stretch goal you helped us reach for Project Eternity. It's installed and he’s ready to start playing – we here at Obsidian wanted to know how you’d like it played!

  • Let's Play Document/Blog
  • 10 minute Let's Play Youtube video bites
  • Streamed on Twitch
  • Format doesn’t matter to me, just enjoy it.

The poll will close on Wednesday (1/23/13) at 6:00PM Pacific Time. Thanks for you feedback!

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