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Van Helsing - What is the senior programmer up to?

by Dhruin, 2013-01-22 08:12:00

The Neocore devblog has a new entry on the work of the senior game programmer, for those following this hack'n'slasher:

Robi created the objects that we use in the game, so it is his responsibility to deal with the appearance and the functionality of everything that you will be interacting with in the game world, when you destroy chests, interact with NPCs, open doors and switch between levels.

The functionality of the quests is his responsibility as well, mostly coding the conditions required to accomplish these tasks or writing special scripts and developing the quest interfaces.

Sometimes he helps out with the programming of the behaviour patterns that some monsters use, like the retreating tactic of the ranged fighters or the use of the resurrection skill that the necromancer-like Pale Gentlemen use, or the tactics of the cannon-wielding huge frog we call Batrachiantaur. Later this list will expand with even more interesting activities.

Robi spent a lot of time working on the physics as well, using the opportunities provided by the PhysX. This game has to be more realistic than our previous titles.  He upgraded the editor into a more detailed version, so now each creature has a unique physical model in the game. Check out the result of his hard work, the really cool dance movements from our esteemed Pale Gentleman.

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