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Telepath Tactics - January Update

by Dhruin, 2013-01-24 11:34:13

Sinister Design has an update on Telepath Tactics covering recent improvements, offering an updated demo to try and a new video:

But enough about that–let’s talk about what’s new in Telepath Tactics. With a second go at Kickstarter on the agenda for mid-to-late March, I’ve been hunkering down and working to improve core aspects of the Telepath Tactics engine.

  • Telepath Tactics now supports branching, scripted dialog: which means the game now also supports branching campaigns.

  • By far the biggest undertaking this past month has been improving enemy AI in Telepath Tactics. There are already a number of noticeable upgrades–among them:
    • AI characters now grab item sacks lying within reach, then continue their turns;
    • AI characters now intelligently use items sitting in their inventory;
    • AI characters with non-turn-ending attacks now continue moving after attacking; and
    • badly injured AI characters now flee in the direction of a friendly healer if they can reach one. [...]

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