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Days of Dawn - Re-Kickstartered

by Dhruin, 2013-01-29 12:31:30

Bumblebee's colourful Days of Dawn has returned for a second attempt at Kickstarter, this time looking for $50k - around half of their first goal. So far they have $13k, with 26 days to go:


  • Explore an open world full of mysteries and adventure in multiple nonlinear storylines 
  • Experience a unique magic system with an emotional approach in a world whose magical forces just awakened 
  • During your journeys, have three companions out of a range of seven complex player characters join your party 
  • Engage in incredibly fast and intuitive turn-based battles 
  • Join in-group interactions and social involvement among your party members 
  • Encounter original characters and creatures in beautifully handpainted scenery and a fantastic musical score 
  • Basic version to be developed in English
    (additional languages made available by stretchgoals, send us your requests) 
  • Will be available for PC, Mac and Linux 
    (additional systems made available by stretchgoals)


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