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Frayed Knights 2 - Update

by Myrthos, 2013-01-30 12:42:52

Jay Barnson gives us an update on the development of Frayed Knights 2.

Frayed Knights 2 is turning into a bigger overhaul of the game system than I’d really planned.  Porting core game code over from the old system to the new one was almost as exactly as much effort as I’d expected – which is to say, not bad at all. But so much of an RPG is the UI, and the UI needed a complete rewrite from the ground up for the new engine.  And since I had to rewrite the UI anyway, I figured I might as well make some major improvements. In a lot of ways, I’ve gone back to the ol’ drawing board, which takes time. But while I’m working with a new engine (Unity), and a new UI system (NGUI), they are relatively easy to work with, even if my development time is abridged to only an hour or two an evening.

But as I said before, much of an RPG *is* the UI. The UI defines interactions, defines so much of the look, feel,  and pacing.  So a change to the UI has repercussions back into the core game code. Things like haste and slow effects, or the impact of fatigue, have completely changed. For the better, in my opinion. At least in a way that’s simpler to understand and work with as a player.

A lot of the changes this last month  have been down in the guts of the inventory code. I think the inventory system took as much time as the combat system last time around, and this time is no exception. Most of the tricky stuff isn’t necessarily in the game logic, but in the UI.  Some of this is still in flux, and nothing is final until… well, as this is indie gaming, nothing is final EVER

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