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The Banner Saga - Update #30, Single Player Progress

by Dhruin, 2013-01-31 21:06:00

Stoic has provided a welcome, detailed update on the single-player progress for The Banner Saga:

Now that we’re well into 2013 and our estimated date was November last year, many people have been asking when the game will ship. This is a topic that comes up a lot in interviews in relation not just to us but most Kickstarters and honestly, most games in general.

To cut to the chase, we’re currently looking at mid-year for release of the Saga. We’ve said this in a few places but it’s worth repeating - when you scope the game for a certain amount of money and you make 7x that much, there’s no way around it, the game takes longer to make. We’re doing our best to mitigate that, we’re not taking anything like 7x as long. Hopefully with the progress we show in regular updates you’ll agree that we’re using the funding well and making the best decisions for the game.

The rest of the update is a detailed overview of progress and features across a number of areas, so this is a must-read if you're interested in the game.

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