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Grimoire - Demo Update

by Myrthos, 2013-02-01 23:12:35

Clive has updated his IndieGoGo campaign with information on the Grimore demo.

There is going to be a two-tier demo. Backers of the project will get the entire first region of the game in the demo, the general public will five areas in the first part of the game. Both demos will feature character creation, allow saves/loads and will otherwise not be feature-crippled in any other way. For both the public demo and the backer demo there will be a return to main menu when you try to access the first region outside of your allotment.

The backer demo is expected to be a kind of abbreviated beta test of sorts and should give pledges an adequate look at almost any aspect of gameplay. This “demo” will be a full experience with a climax, boss and denouement. Unfortunately at this time we cannot guarantee that any savegame will be carried forward, it is likely changes to the savegame format will occur between now and the official release in May 2013. Sorry but it would be even crueler to promise this sort of thing and have people planning to import that saved file where they left off.

For those of you wondering when we are going to begin implementing your pledges, here is the schedule over the next few weeks :

1. We will release the demo(s) shortly.

2. We will relaunch a new IndieGoGo Campaign for Grimoire of 120 days duration minus the pledge responsibilities we have already taken onboard. Before we set this up we have to consult with IndieGoGo to determine what extent we can continue to run a pledge drive from the same campaign after it has concluded it’s original run.

3. There will be a new video pitch released after the demo is out, this one the grandest and most magnificent of all. Amongst other things I will avoid heavy breathing into the microphone.

4. I will begin implementing pledges starting with items and tombs and leave magic spells and NPCs until the month following. You will be mailed pledge guidelines that will tell you how to describe your item or tomb so they can be included in the game. Note that in some cases you may have to take a tomb in an area we recommend but you can then customize this with text and gameplay to your heart’s content. We will describe a couple common easter eggs you will be able to plant in your custom tomb to make it unique and memorable during gameplay.

With gathering $8,478 out of a $250.000 goal and just 10 days left in the campaign, it is a save bet that he is not going to reach that goal. Still, it is IndieGogo, so he at least gets what is pledged.

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