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BioWare - Greg Zeschuk Interview @ Los Angeles Times Online Edition

by Aries100, 2013-02-05 19:19:48

The online edition of Los Angeles Times has a rather interesting interview with Greg Zeschuk, one of the two co-founders of Bioware who left the company in September 2012. It's interesting because of what he says in it. Apparently he doesn't lile console games much these days:

“Console stuff has become really boring,” he says, adding that it’s indie publishers these days who are doing the “progressive stuff.” “The big guys,” he says, “are doing these really boring same ol’, same ol’ games,” he says, referring, broadly, to action titles and games of the “Call of Duty” ilk.

And what does he say about Bioware's own games? Well, here's what he say about
those, although first his praises go to a game called Spaceteam

created by former BioWare employee Henry Smith. It’s a mobile game, designed for iOS, and it requires at least two players. Players must be in the same room, as they’ll need to shout instructions at each other as they try to prolong the inevitable explosion of a ship. It’s fast, simple and not at all similar to the massively complex heavily layered games of BioWare, be it the “Mass Effect” series or its online multiplayer game “Star Wars: The Old Republic.”

Do I detect a slight dissatisfaction with how ME3 and SW:TOR turned out in his

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