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Akaneiro - Funded Succesfully

by Aries100, 2013-02-05 19:30:39

Akeneiro is now succesfully funded with a total bakcing of around 204,000 US dollars, so Spicy Horse's Kickstarter page informs us. The game needed 200,000 US dollars to be funded. Everyone at Spicy Horse is very happy and excited about this as their thank you letter tells us:

Greetings Hunters! Amazing!  We did it!!!
From myself, Ophelea, the entire team at Spicy Horse and Lulu (DOG), Thank You! Your support in helping us spread the word and fund this campaign over the past 30 days has been absolutely fantastic. So, what's next? First we wait on Kickstarter to do their end of campaign "house cleaning," which can take a few days or more. Then we'll get working on delivering campaign rewards - starting with virtual items like Karma. The development team will begin work on their planning and we'll post info about delivery dates ASAP. Lots of questions about Ouya, so we'll start figuring out what we can do to support that demand. Physical items will start to get shipped around, signed and sent out. And we'll keep you updated throughout.


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