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Skyrim - Why The Reach - the most barren environment - is such an Abundant World

by Aries100, 2013-02-05 21:52:44

Edge Online has an editorial about why the most barren environment in Skyrim, The Reach, is a world most bountiful.  Here's a snip from the editorial:

The Reach is arguably the most distinct locale in Skyrim. Yet it is also a microcosm of Skyrim’s identity as a nation – held together by the very tensions that threaten to destroy it. First impressions matter, and there are many first paths a new player can take into Skyrim’s expansive world. But few will find themselves venturing to The Reach before they experience Skyrim’s other regions. The nation’s contours bend the player away from its murky paths. None of its landmarks stand out on a distant horizon, hidden as they are behind the mountains.

And another snip:

In this way, The Reach makes Skyrim feel more complete, more convincing. Pushed to the edge of the game's world, The Reach stands out most for how it is unlike the rest of the nation. But instead of jarring, its different cultures and geography contribute something vital to making Skyrim's virtual world truly feel like a living nation - a mottled patchwork that forms a beautiful, improbable whole.

Source: GameBanshee

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