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Legends of Eisenwald - Update #32, Combat

by Myrthos, 2013-02-08 13:38:21

Update number 32 for Legends of Eisenwald is about the combat mechanics of the game. It explains the combat is based on the Discord Times system, including some Disciples 2 and evolving from that. One of them being that moves in a battle always have a result and another that the speed of the battle depend on the skill of a palyer and not something random.

Battles can be lost quickly if your tactics aren’t sound. It’s very important to choose which units to attack, and how to place your units initially, since it is impossible to move ranged or casting units later.

Choices are not only important in battle, but also when preparing for action. It is very important to have a balanced army that is ready to deal with any kind of challenge. That is why unit management is essential for any successful battle. Recruiting a wide range of units such as bowman, mages, knights and dual wielding units, and understanding their strengths and weaknesses, provide a tactical depth that is fulfilling and challenging.

Players can enter battle with a maximum of 12 units, all of which have unique attributes. These are made up of initiative, attack, willpower, melee defense and ranged defense. Certain units are locked to certain weapons; a knight cannot use a bow while a mage cannot use a sword. Setting the formation of your units before entering battle, and protecting your support units, is crucial. While recruiting units is important, players need to pay special attention when equipping and upgrading their units. Certain weapons will have unique properties, and equipping healing potions could be the difference between success or failure

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