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Legends of Dawn - Update #16, Player's House

by Myrthos, 2013-02-08 21:56:13

Legends of Dawn's update number 16 is about the player's House and that Amazon hasn't payed them yet and they are now in the top 25 of Greenlight.

In the mean time we put some effort to implement one of the features mentioned here at Kickstarter. This feature was not part of the original design or stretch goals but we thought it was nice idea and it did not take too much time to flesh out. So here it is - now you will be able to buy and decorate your own house in Legends of Dawn!

A player's house is used as safe place to rest and store items you've found on your journey. You will be able to buy shelves, closets, weapon racks and other item holders. You can also buy a bed for rest and more than 40 different decorative objects!

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