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Van Helsing - How monsters are born

by Dhruin, 2013-02-08 23:31:45

Neocore has a blog post and some concept art on the development of monsters in Van Helsing:

A monster has several "parents" because every phase in the creating process belongs to another person.

Conception: First of all the narrative designer and the producer discuss with the concept artist what kind of characters the game needs. The monsters must be suitable to the game's universe and be skillful in the battles.

Modeling: Modeling is about creating a 3D model from a drawing. In the gallery below you can see more raw figures, still without textures. It's quite similar to making plasticine sculptures.

Texturing: Monster texturing is the very best job in the world because it's exciting and amusing! (In my opinion.) The monsters can be disgustingly slimy or cankerous or scaly or luminous, so there are several variations. The little details make lovely a character.

Animation: It's not difficult to make a monster move. But to make it move with life and spirit is a more complicated task. The unique movements give unique personality to each character.

Voice recording: There is still something missing for the perfect production. The voices! The sound designer records the voices in our own sound studio mostly with professional voice actors or sometimes with a team member. Grumbling, rattling, yowling or barking....everybody is good at something. :)

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