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Grimoire - How to Get Cleve Working

by Myrthos, 2013-02-11 12:36:44

In his latest update Cleve explains that the money pledged on IndieGoGo wasn't needed to finish the game, but was an incentive to get him to finish it....
He now has raised almost 4% of the asked 250K, which will be used to pay for the pledges. As there is only 21 hours left in this campaign it is a safe bet that this is about it, but with the launch of the demo we will see a launch of a new campaign as well. I suppose this is needed as Cleve is running out of incentive to finish the game.

In any case there is a promise of a demo being released in the coming week. Maybe he will surprise us and delivers on this promise.

A few days left in this campaign, ironic the demo will be out shortly, along with the launch of the all new campaign inclusive of the pledges that have been made so far.

There will be a new pitch video, new footage of the game and much improved overview of what the finished product plays and feels like.

Please remember, anybody that pledged to this campaign, that the release of this game was never contingent upon making any goals to raise money. The game was in a 98% completed state when the campaign started. This campaign was all about giving me the incentive to get off my ass and finish it and it has succeeded admirably. Any money that came in through this campaign was intended first to fulfill all pledges to it and then if we made more it was to be used to enhance the graphics, sound and music wherever possible.

I think I would have never discovered there was a glitch in the Fastgraph library or other problems with the code if I had not had that pressure to investigate and eliminate them.

I have a couple more mandatory things to include in the demo (like a shortcuts/help screen) and I expect it will be packaged up very shortly and released in the coming week.

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