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The Future of RPGS - - According to Urquhart and Muzyka

by Dhruin, 2013-02-11 20:52:08

Eurogamer has a summary of a DICE 2013 talk from Feargus Urquhart and Ray Muzyka on "the next step for RPGs". Apparently social aspects will be even more important in the future:

"You could imagine online gameplay modes in the future that could work with a single-player game, like ghosting or seeing other players' characters - being able to play with other players' characters in an asynchronous multiplayer mode - or seeing achievements," he said.

"We've had ideas at Obsidian from the standpoint of why can't you share your world map with your friends?" Urquhart remarked. "If there's different ways to play the game, good and evil, why can't you look at how your friend is doing the quests, how the world is doing the quest - how are people in America or Europe... What's the ebb and flow of that?

"We always thought it would be really interesting to - instead of having to go to a website or having to go somewhere else, it's actually in the game," he added. "I can go into the game and look at my friend's characters and then see the trinkets, see the weapons and get information about where they got that.

"It's almost like putting the water cooler into the game."

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