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Ravensdale - Interview @ Gamers.de

by Myrthos, 2013-02-14 15:18:11

Once there was Spellbound Studios who worked on ArcaniA and on Ravensdale. ArcaniA was released and we all know how that went. With the insolvency of Spellbound the RPG Ravensdale was thought to be lost, however now there is Black Forest Games, founded by people from Spellbound studios who are continuing development on the game.

However the game went from a first-person action RPG to a multi-player, tactical heavy survival and conquer game in an Over-the-Top-Petrol-Punk-Setting as Steam-Punk apparently didn't really went down well with publishers.

In any case it is no longer an RPG, so I won't be following this and just mention it because it once was.

The interview is in German only but you might try this horrendous translation in case you never had any German classes or slept during most of them.

Thanks Thomas.

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