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Driftmoon - Preview @ Indiestatik

by Myrthos, 2013-02-14 16:04:12

IndieStatik informs us in a preview of the upcoming release of Driftmoon on the 26th of this month and that it also will be available from Good Old Games. Besides that they also have a look into the game.

Gibberish is what is going on here – absolutely full of it. But you better get used to it because Driftmoon is a game that thrives on the art of nonsense at times. Take the main crew of the game, those who are fated to save the word from the evil King Ixal – there’s a hyperactive firefly, a queen panther with a moon whale-sized ego, and a determined fellow who’s lost everything but his bones and still refuses to give up. Have you ever heard of a more perfect main character lineup than that? You’ll be playing the part of a young man accompanying these loons as set off on an adventure to bring light back to the world.

Yeah, admittedly it’s pretty standard stuff for an RPG story-wise, but this cake is decorated with some really quirky humor and diverse characters. And sometimes that’s enough to make a game easily recommendable to the right people. One thing that you can rely on is familiarity with RPGs, and that is definitely the case with Driftmoon – quests, treasures, dungeons, forests, magical artefacts, secret doors, puzzles, powerups. It’s all in there, and that means to most people it’s going to be easy to pick up and understand. Perhaps “understand” isn’t the best word, actually, considering it’s a game that thrives on being peculiar and witty through its many humorous and odd characters. But you know what I mean.

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