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Hero-U - Update #35, A RPG Slider

by Myrthos, 2013-02-15 12:56:30

The Cole's have updated the Kickstarter page for Hero-U with some less relevant information like what they did for Valentine and more relevant information like how the game allows you to change between adventure and RPG playing modes. There will be a slider.

Lori came up with a new solution to the "Is it an adventure game, or is it an RPG?" question. Instead of having a difficulty slider (or possibly in addition), we will have a game style slider. You will be able to select "Puzzles only, no combats", "Traditional RPG with random encounters and emphasis on combat", or "Mixed adventure and RPG". We may add a few settings such as "RPG Challenge Mode".

In addition an audio file has been added, which might or might not be from the game.

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