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Sony Announces Playstation 4

by Gorath, 2013-02-21 14:19:59

Sony announced the PS4 for Christmas this year at a huge event last night. You can find the official PR on every other website. We'll give you a brief summary instead:

  • The PS4 is basically a mid-price PC with an 8 core AMD CPU, 8 GB RAM, a mainstream AMD graphics chip and a Blu-Ray ROM drive. 
  • It will allow streaming of game content with the simple press of a button.
  • All the internet stuff and social media crap no one needs is supported.
  • Every publisher except MS supports the PS4 and thinks it's the bestest thing evar ... or at least until MS announces the XBox 720.
  • Used games can be played! Sony will not force the user to lock them to his account.

The source for the last point is Eurogamer (via GamersGlobal), although their piece doesn't sound like they're 100% sure.

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