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Days of Dawn - Funded

by Myrthos, 2013-02-25 12:48:13

The Kickstarter for Days of Dawn managed to gather quite a bit of money in the last hours, saving the day for the devs. With a total of $54,135 they have managed to reach their pledge of $50K.

We have made it!

Thank you so much, everybody! You have been the most supportive and astonishing backers I could ever imagine. We are thrilled about what you've done for Days of Dawn. This has not been the photo-finish we expected it to be – we actually ran a second round getting 108% of the funding goal.

I can hardly tell you how we feel right now. This has been one of the most exciting experiences I've made in my life. Getting in contact with you, virtually meeting wonderful people who trust in our ability to create an awesome game. And here goes my promise to you: We'll do everything we can to knock you off your shoes with a game that's dragging you right into a fantastic world full of wonder.

So what about the stretchgoals?

We have almost reached the first stretchgoal at $55,000. As a thank-you for your wonderful support we're going to add the first stretchgoal to the game nonetheless and call it reached. We will start up a Paypal-site very soon to allow all those people without a credit-card to join us and will try to reach the second goal as well by this.

Let's stay in contact!

We had a wonderful time with you guys and we don't want to loose contact now. Please think about joining our boards on board.bumblebee-games.com/
If you send me a mail with your Username here on kickstarter, the amount you pledged and your name on the forum, I will unlock access to the backer-only board for you. There we'll get into in-depth discussions about the games future, you can take part in polls, see concept-artwork and so on. Please join us there to keep contact.

Once again: Thank you SO VERY MUCH! We're so thankful for what you've done for us. We'll start right away on creating a wonderful game to have the closed beta ready in june!

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