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Driftmoon - Review Roundup

by Myrthos, 2013-02-26 22:31:02

Here is a small collection of recent Driftmoon reviews. The first two were already linked to on their website.

i-luv-games, 9

It’s easy for me to recommend Driftmoon as a purchase. It has a fun story, loads of gameplay, great atmosphere, and I think it will remind others of the great games they themselves had played long ago. I’d urge you to buy it after reading all of this, however if you’re still not convinced then please do yourself the favor of picking up the lengthy Driftmoon demo and find out for yourself why it deserves a place in your game library.  If nothing else, Driftmoon proves the point that greatness can come from humble beginnings

Destroy All Fanboys, 95%

Visually, all you need to do is play the game, look around and do a bit of zooming in and out to see it’s chock full of detail that makes every nook and cranny quite believable without relying on graphics card melting photorealism. People and environments are solid and lovingly rendered, little bugs (no, not THOSE types of bugs!) and other critters skitter around and overall, there’s a nice sense of place thanks to the varied locations and the amount of interactivity in most of them. The game shortcuts what would be long-winded (and expensive to produce) expository cinemas into text and dialog that convey mood and move the plot from place to place almost perfectly. While there’s no voice acting in the game, the lovely character art and some of the character descriptions and dialog pull you into parts of each character’s life. You end up liking many of the people you team up with or at least wanting to know more about them.

Dealspwn, 8

This sense of fun and personality funnels into the gameplay. You'll strive to collect a legendary weapon, which turns out to be a garden implement. You'll uncover the reason why 'Evil Berries' deserve their worrying moniker. Powering up your character and beating down enemies may be all well and good, but you'll keep playing to discover what silly situation you'll end up in next. Driftmoon feels like a blast from the past in many ways, a product of a time when studios threw the constraints of grit and realism out of the window in order to focus on fun.


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