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Enemy - Funded

by Myrthos, 2013-03-04 13:37:35

The Kickstarter for Enemy is with 4 days to go funded, so some stretch goals are announced as well.

Stretch Goal 1: $18000: Simultaneous Mac and Linux release
With $18000, I'll bring on a dedicated Linux/Mac programmer who will focus on only that side of the game. Those platforms will get a simultaneous release with the Windows version and all the attention that they deserve.

Stretch Goal 2: $24000: Additional, free post-release content
Though I intend to continue to support the game after its release, with $24000 I will be guaranteed to be able to continue to support the game full-time after its release, regardless of sales or anything else. With this time, I will add more detailed towns, weather, and other additional content.

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