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Mage's Initiation - Update #10, Combat

by Myrthos, 2013-03-06 16:44:03

Update number 10 of Mage's Initiation is about the combat in the game and the use of spells. Inaddition, they also mention that pledging through Paypal is now supported and that an interview is available at Gosu.com.

We’ve spent months designing a new and unique combat system for Mage’s Initiation that combines the best elements of classic RPGs like Quest for Glory and Diablo with the smooth and intuitive controls and playability of mobile and touchscreen apps. We’ve pushed the limits of the AGS game engine with custom-designed 3D calculations so spells and arrows can fly into or over onscreen obstacles, and enemy archers can be perched on raised terraces so they can aim at you without hitting their fellow monsters in between.

A major challenge of the combat aspect has been keeping it feeling fresh and new every time you stumble across the monsters of Iginor. One way we achieve this is by having critters travel in packs with adaptive group AI. A group of redcaps may fight for the glory of picking off a mage, with two or three rushing in while the rest prevent your escape. Or you may be swarmed by scavenging pygmy goblins who aim to surround and crush you quickly, but scatter if there are only a few left. When monsters of different types end up together – with you in the middle – things get even more interesting!

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