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Witcher 3 - Interview @ Dagon's Lair

by Myrthos, 2013-03-06 22:34:10

Dagon interviewed Maciej Sosnowski to talk about The Witcher 3. Scroll down for the English version.

Your previous games were quite rich, and were generating some reflections on our current society, but features also epic fights and were also technically impressive (especially The Witcher 2). Which way will you take for The Witcher 3 ? Is there a focus determined yet ? What sort of game do you seek to achieve in The Witcher 3 ?

Telling an epic tale is still the centerpiece of our game.  All gameplay elements serve this purpose, to present Geralt’s  legend. We won’t turn away to difficult, modern world problems in the fantasy setting and this won’t change. I don’t actually see the difference between the approachces you mentioned. Player immersion is achieved by presenting issues the player knows from the real world and you can tell a captivating plot only if the player is in the game and is emotionally engaged.

Since you mentioned boss battles from The Witcher 2, there won’t be any in the new part. I mean there will be pivot points, large enemies, but the gameplay won’t change. There will be no scripted events in those battles or QTEs. All such battles will be resolved with normal game mechanics and nothing unusual will occur. This reflects our return to core RPG mechanics, your stats and skills will be the most important thing during a fight and not a simple QTE.

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