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Kotaku - Planescape Torment Love Explained - Editorial

by Aries100, 2013-03-08 22:22:10

Kotaku has penned an editorial about why people love Planescape: Torment.   Here are some of these reasons - according to Kotaku:

Maybe it's just the little things

In Planescape: Torment...

•You can die. You'll come back to life. This is an integral part of the game.

• You can join a cult that worships death, or a cult that believes that everybody is a god. Or you can just become an anarchist.

• You can visit a pregnant alley, then prevent it from getting an abortion. This makes even less sense than it sounds.

• You can piss off the deity-like Lady of Pain and find yourself trapped in a maze for all of eternity.

• You can kill the incarnation of your character's mortality.

Although Planescape hasn't aged super well-and you need a high-resolution mod if you plan to play it today-it's a special sort of game, and it's had a significant impact on a lot of people. No wonder so many people want to throw money at the sequel.

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