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Shadowrun Returns - First Look Video and Backer Level Upgrade

by Myrthos, 2013-03-11 12:29:03

If you pledged for Shadowrun Returns and are miserable now because you did not select a higher tier, you can now upgrade your backer level through Paypal.

But more importantly, there is an alpha gameplay walkthrough video available that shows the current status of the game.

Since our story is about secrets and lies, we decided that our video should walk you through a side-mission so you can get a clear sense of how the game is played without revealing any spoilers. In this mission, you’ve accepted a job from a reliable Fixer (who’s totally fronting for Aztechnology) to locate a rival corporate test lab and terminate the test (with extreme prejudice). 

Remember as you watch the video that all the environments, conversations, and tactical situations you see were created using the Shadowrun Returns Editor - the same editor that will ship with the game on OSX and Windows. For us, re-energizing Shadowrun doesn’t just mean making a game for you to play and enjoy (although that sounds GREAT). It means creating a set of tools for YOU to experiment with, express yourself with, and share.

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