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Legends of Eisenwald - Update #33, Patch, German Beta and Post-Mortem

by Myrthos, 2013-03-11 12:36:57

The Legends of Eisenwald beta has been patched and is also available in German now.

What has been fixed:

  • All known crashes (thanks for all those bug reports!)
  • AI behavior for casting spells
  • A lot of problematic things in the AI

What has been added:

  • A window of the first stage siege result before the actual siege, with a possibility to cancel the siege.

In case you missed it before, on Gamasutra a post mortem can be found on the Kickstarter experience of the Legends of Eisenwald devs, with 6 recommendations of which, out of laziness, I only quote 3.


We knew PR was important. We still managed to underestimate how important it was.

Mistake #1 There was no information anywhere in the media that we were going to start our campaign on Kickstarter. Our game wasn’t even announced.

Recommendation #1 Send out press release (press packs) about an upcoming campaign some time ahead. Announce your project.

If we had to do it again, we would announce our game a month or two before, then announce our plans for Kickstarter and then start the campaign itself.

Mistake #2 We started our campaign on Saturday. Weekends are slower than weekdays on Kickstarter because the biggest percentage of Kickstarter backers are from the US and it seems to be a national US tradition to leave somewhere for the weekend )(good tradition, I would say).

When we started our campaign we got to learn it very fast. Also, sending our press releases on the weekends proved to be very inefficient. As later some more experienced people told us, on the weekends editors get a lot of spam so often they don’t look at any of the messages received. For two first days we were pretty much without any press coverage.

Recommendation #2 Start your campaign on a week day.
Personally, we think Monday or Tuesday could be a good day to launch a project.

Mistake #3 We didn’t have enough promotional materials and we had to make a lot of them during our campaign. Also, we had to explain many things how our game worked.

Recommendation #3 Create a lot of promotional materials. Videos seem to be the best for this.

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